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About Subcontractprocurement.com 

Between the founding members, we have had many years of experience across the UK construction industry from the typical local builder, regional or national contractor to the international construction conglomerate operating in the UK. At various times, we have held the traditional positions within the Commercial, Estimating and Production departments within the Main Contractor. Regardless of the size of the Main Contractor, we have all spent a considerable period searching for reliable subcontractors to undertake works on our various construction projects at any point. 
Naturally, we had our usual supply chain but often these subcontractors where either too busy on our existing projects or the new project location was not favourable. It was the time we spent researching for potential subcontractors, only to then discover that the particular subcontract package was not compatible with the Subcontractor that become more and more time consuming and infuriating. We found existing websites to be very difficult to navigate to provide the data we required. Often, we discovered that new and immerging subcontractors would find these existing websites both expensive and obstructive. This fact did not help our plight. 
Our thoughts at that time was purely from a Main Contractor’s point of view. 
We then considered the Subcontractor’s position. There was no simple and effective platform for a Subcontractor to list their contact details, geographical area covered and typical range of subcontract value. There are alternative sites, but they are expensive, time consuming and require constant updating by the users. We found that this was not conducive to the success of the construction industry. It was at this point that we considered that the Subcontractor and Main Contractor had a common need. Both the Subcontractor and the Main Contractor needed a simple and effective platform. The Subcontractor needed to list their trade and contact details. The Main Contractor needed the platform to have a very efficient filter to deliver to him the list of suitable subcontractors for the trade in question. 
It was at this point that the concept of Subcontractprocurement.com was formed. 
The development of Subcontractprocurement.com was steady and progressive from the beginning to reach its current format. We intended the platform to be very quick and simple to operate. We wanted to give the Subcontractor the facility to upload their own details (and the flexibility to alter them as they required). We wanted the Main Contractor to enter their subcontract package requirements into the platform for the search to provide a contact list of Subcontractors who undertook the works in the location of the project. Our website was to enable the Main Contractor to export the search results. 
Contact between the two parties was to be direct from that point onwards. We intended for the Main Contractor and Subcontractor to enter into dialog immediately. 
We needed the Subcontractor to have a record of the number of `hits` to their contact details within the website. 
We are always looking to improve our website. All comments are very welcome. 
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