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How easy is it for my Subcontracting business to register? 
It is very simple. Go to Subcontractor register populate your Subcontract business details (ie trades undertaken, post code, contact details, geographical area etc) and your business is then registered. There is no uploading of documents, no renewal of company accounts etc. 
As a Subcontractor, what does Subcontractprocurement.com do for me? 
When registered, subcontractprocurement.com is working for your subcontracting business 24/7. Main Contractors who need a subcontractor with your skills searches for the relevant trade using their project’s post code, required trade and typical subcontract value. Your company contact details are listed and the Main Contractor then makes direct contact with you. 
I am a Main Contractor looking for a particular subcontract trade, how do I do this? 
After you have registered, simply click `search for Subcontractors`, enter the Project post code, the required Subcontract trade package, typical value of the package and press `search`. A list of Subcontractors is provide which you can either export or contact directly. At is all very simple. 
I am a Subcontractor, how can I use Subcontractprocurement.com to increase my client base? 
A successful Subcontracting business needs to expand its regular core client base. Subcontractprocurement.com provides the subcontractor with an efficient method of locating new clients who have a need for a subcontractor providing your trade within your geographical area within your typical subcontract value range. 
I am a Main Contractor looking to register, how do I do this? 
I am a Main Contractor looking to register, how do I do this? 
As a Main Contractor, simply go to Main Contractor registration, populate your details and you are registered. Main Contractors register for free. There are no restrictions on the number of individual staff members per Main Contractor. 
How much does Subcontractprocurement.com cost? 
For subcontractors, the first three months are free. Thereafter the monthly subscription is £21.00 plus VAT. 
For Main Contractors, there are no charges. Registration to search with Subcontactprocurement.com is free. 
How do I know if my details have been viewed? 
Every time a Main Contractor searched your contact details it will register within your log in details. 
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